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"Your stories are powerful and timeless."
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"Thank you again for delivering such an inspiring message."
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"Jim is a natural communicator and a joy to listen to."
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"Jim is a natural-born storyteller and he will have you laughing and crying.”
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"Best speaker we've had this year."
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"Your speech was amazing. I had only heard bits and pieces of your story, but your talk ... put it all together."
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"Your story is beautiful and inspiring. The way you shared it was so engaging."

Bring the powerful stories of Leader by Accident to your next business or networking event! Jim is available as a speaker-presenter for your gathering.

Covering topics of leadership, organizational culture and gratitude, Jim’s presentation will entertain and inspire your group.

For more information, contact us.

Video: Jim speaks on getting out of your comfort zone, and what you're probably missing:

Media Coverage/Appearances

“You were a great guest!” “Really enjoyed the conversation.”

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Video: Jim appears on top-rated podcast The Tony D'Urso Show: